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Abhishek Maurya

Abhishek Maurya

Thursday, July 12, 2018

God never deny..

Everyone asked about the presence of God ? Is anyone see God and many questions arise about the existence of God. But on the contrary, everybody believes in God either in the way of fear or in the way of lust of desire of anything.

I am not a firm believer of God but I renamed the word "GOD" to a " WISHER". Because He fulfils the wishes of all the wisher in an accurate way. I have many stories in the context of the title.

One story I would like to share which is famous in the Ramayana of Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran want the desire of the HEAVEN (INDRASAN = इन्द्रासन ). But by default he ask for NINDRASAN=  निन्द्रासन।  There are many stories behind this but the true fact is that God gives what he want.

On the above story , I want to add the same logic in now-a- days. God gives to all but on the right time and at right place. But the most important point is that Before asking anything from the God, always think before you ask.

A story , "A person who touches the thing and the things turns into Gold" which is famous in the childhood days of . But what he ask to the God that ," Complete my wish as I touch the thing , the thing will be converted into the Gold." But he forgets to add one line and the most important line : When i desire. The God completes his desire but on the contrary he never fill his desire of food from Gold items and never fulfils his thirst with the Gold Water.

And a more story, "A Gin and his three wishes." Once a person found a kettle and rub the kettle. A gin come out from the kettle and ask the person for the three wishes. A person ask the wishes and contemporary gin fulfils all his three wishes. But at the end he eat that person. In this mean, fault is of person that he never ask to minister the Gin. In fact he just want he materialistic thing and lost his life.

On the conclusion side, I want to add on thing that God always fulfils the wishes of all the wisher, but you have to wish the things and say the things in that way in which you want. He just measure the qualities and the work deed by you. He fulfils your desire but at that time when you are compete with those desires. And when you are fit for those desires, then all the desire are within yourself.

In the end, i want to add one line as always I wrote in a poetry way :-

वक़्त है माँगने का माँग लीजिये ,,
पूरा करने के लिए थोड़ा कर्म कर लीजिये।